Monday, March 19, 2007

Stonehenge Revisited

My bronze age historical fantasy novel The Sarsen Witch, the third book in the "Grey Isles" series, will be back in print this coming fall. Shortlisted for an Aurora Award in 1990, it's a tale of earth-magic, megaliths and high adventure in the world of the Wessex war-chieftains.

This new edition of The Sarsen Witch will be released by the Juno Books imprint of Wildside Press in September 2007.


Sue said...

Congratulations on the re-issue, and on the new blog.

Do you ever think of visiting Wessex again? I remember you gathered quite a crowd last time.. but I'll let you tell that story.


Anonymous said...

good to see you on the blogging scene. i look forward to seeing the re-issue.


Eileen Kernaghan said...

I'd love to visit Wessex again. And as to the crowd -- that was when I was holding my family captive while I expounded at length on the history of the West Kennet barrow. Then I realized that a group of English tourists were hanging on my every word. I had to break off to explain that I wasn't the official West Kennet tour guide.