Monday, December 31, 2007

Books that deserve to be rediscovered: Part Five

Hello Summer, Goodbye, Michael Coney’s haunting novel of bittersweet love, civil war and catastrophic climate change on an alien world, was first published in England in 1975, and reprinted in Canada in 1990 as Pallahaxi Tide. When Mike learned in 2005 that he was suffering from terminal lung cancer, he made Hello Summer, Goodbye and its previously unpublished sequel, I Remember Pallahaxi, available for free download on his website. Now, as a fitting tribute to this immensely talented writer, PS Publishing has brought out both titles as limited edition, slipcased hardcovers.

Mike said of Pallahaxi Tide, “This is a love story, and a science-fiction story, and more besides.” It’s that “more besides” that has continued to captivate readers fortunate enough to discover this beautifully written and wonderfully engaging book.


Wynn Bexton said...

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Casey Wolf said...

hmmm. a lovely cover but not one i would ever have thought of for Hello Summer, Goodbye. what a wonderful book, though. i am so glad it is being republished, and that I Remember Pallahaxi will be suitably released, at last. bravo!

Casey Wolf said...

lovely cover, though perhaps not the one i would have chosen for Hello Summer, Goodbye.

still, i am happy that this wonderful novel is finally being rereleased, and that it's sequel will be suitably published, at long last.