Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tales From the Holograph Woods reviewed

 This recent review of my speculative poetry collection, Tales From the Holograph Woods, is by Julie H. Ferguson, author of Book Magic and James Douglas: Father of British Columbia. She writes:

 Tales from the Holograph Woods is a slim volume of exquisite poetry by Eileen Kernaghan.   

First, I should explain that I am no poet. However, I am a non-fiction writer who has known Kernaghan and her fiction for many years. What I also know is that her poetry captivated me.

 This collection covers nature, the spirit world, the broad sweep of universe, faeries, mysticism, physics and more. How it all works so well, I don't fully understand, but Kernaghan's extraordinary eye and her minimal, tightly woven stanzas held me spellbound.

The language is breathtaking, both light and dark, and leaves the reader staring at the starry sky or the lush forest wondering what is really out there. Kernaghan also has an ability to grasp relationships in unusual partners and weave them together into verse that made my hair stand on end.I'd finish one poem and eagerly turn the page for the next. I was reluctant to put the book down when I finished it, saddened there were no more poems into which I could leap. I found myself reading Kernaghan's words over and over again.

Tales from the Holograph Woods may be small in size but it's vast in scope and beauty. Highly recommended, even for non-poetry readers like me. --
Julie H. Ferguson

Tales From the Holograph Woods is available at White Dwarf Books in Vancouver, Renaissance Books in New Westminster, and online from the publisher, Wattle and Daub Books.

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