Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A tale of three covers

Three covers for the same book -- three very different interpretations of the central character,  Naeri the earth witch.

This is the cover of the original 1989 edition of The Sarsen Witch.

cover by Jill Karla Schwartz

Below is the Timothy Lantz cover for the 2008 Juno Books edition --  a striking and I feel an accurate depiction of a character who is "spare and strong and hardy as the gorse".                                           

This highly romantic interpretation -- with, unfortunately,  the title misspelled -- is an earlier attempt at a cover for the Juno edition. Though this version was never used, it does show up on some online sites.

 You can find reviews of The Sarsen Witch and an excerpt from the book on the Juno website. 


StoneLord said...

I like Naeri in picture 2 (as you say, more like the character in the book) but I prefer the trilithon background of three, which gives people a better idea of the setting. (Unfortunately not that many people know what a sarsen is!)
All the best

Eileen Kernaghan said...

Or how to spell sarsen! They seem to confuse it with "Saracen". That would be a whole different novel!