Thursday, March 12, 2015

Darkness. The air frigid, the sea an infinite expanse of black glass. The sky glittering with stars. Somewhere music — a lively dance tune, ragtime — growing faint with distance as their lifeboat drifted away from the dying ship. The dark, the bitter cold, the sickening awareness of unthinkable loss. The ship’s stern a monstrous finger pointing skyward, its ghostly lights still glimmering beneath the water. The music slow and sombre now, a familiar hymn. And then that terrible rising din of voices.

Sophie woke, shuddering and crying out. She sat up among the tumbled bedclothes, teeth chattering, throat clenched around a hard knot of terror and grief. The dream never changed. How many times was she doomed to relive in every detail the horror of that night?  (Sophie, in Shadow, Thistledown Press, 2014.)

Sophie, in Shadow is shortlisted for a B.C. Book Prizes Sheila A. Egoff award in children's literature.

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